Our Mission

We help global organizations thrive as the US healthcare system evolves into value-centered care.

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Focused on providing patient care, you’ve started looking at new ways to improve processes and patient outcomes.


Driven to build the future of healthcare, you’ve created a product or solution that changes everything.


United by a mission to be the change you want to see in healthcare, you’ve created an association to enact change.

Healthcare Growth Accelerators

We guide healthcare initiatives from concept through implementation.

Our Process

While no two projects are the same, our methodology has been proven by our clients’ success.


Our Results

Mike understands the value of designing for the enterprise yet includes integrated solutions for individual departments. He is a technical visionary and team player whose motivation is to improve the quality of patient care.

Deborah Larson, MS PM, PMP, PgMP
Deborah Larson, MS PM, PMP, PgMPMayo Clinic

Mike is one of the most intelligent individuals I met in the 6-years of research that the JHHS did on RFID and RTLS.

John Sdanowich
John SdanowichJohns Hopkins Health System

Shannon’s entrepreneurial personality stood out as one of her strongest assets. She conceived of unique and original programs, managing them from conception through execution. She created an actionable plan, involved all of the right teammates, and successfully pitched her concept to the CEO. After launching her program, Shannon used LEAN principles to add to the programs cache and improved the quality and outcome of her programs.

Thaddeus Mac Krell
Thaddeus Mac KrellMovianto, Inc

Shannon impressed me with her ability to see the big picture and decisively execute her vision. She successfully designed and implemented O&M’s first customer facing Learning Management System, OMUeducation.com, providing continuing education credits and industry trends for supply chain, value analysis, and nursing professionals. Shannon represented Owens & Minor as the keynote speaker for AHVAP, AHRMM, HIDA, IDN.

Craig BeVier
Craig BeVierOwens & Minor

Working with Mike was an absolute pleasure. He has an uncanny ability with technology and a vision for how technology can address business problems. Definitely someone who can see the big picture!

John Hawkins
John HawkinsGreen Gem Investments

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